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rst-e1370455130615 Rachel studies theology at Baylor University. She enjoys baking bread, cuddling with puppies, listening to hippy music, and smelling the roses.
bc-coho J.W. grew up in suburban Virginia making annual pilgrimages to Wyoming. When he is not fishing he reads and writes about the wilderness, spirituality, phenomenology, and environmental conservation.
Screen shot 2014-01-20 at 2.32.20 PM Lance grew up at the feet of the Cascade mountain range, but is finished his MA in systematic theology far away from home. His interest is primarily the interplay of dogmatics and postmodernity. As far as he knows, Lance is the only aspiring theologian with cauliflower ear. His other interests include cycling, depressing music, and beer as libation.
eva Eva is currently a PhD student in philosophy of religion at UCSB. In the raptures of her newly minted matrimonial bliss, she reads, cooks, lathers, rinses, and repeats.
kevin Kevin was born in Kenya and lived there for nearly four years. After returning to the states he moved to California, where he remained through to the end of college. Kevin graduated from UCLA with a BA in philosophy in 2011 and recently completed a masters program in doctrinal theology in Vancouver, BC. He hopes to eventually become a professor. Kevin is particularly interested in issues of human nature, be they in drawing people, philosophizing about human ethics or any number of other subjects.
img_0444 Robyn likes biking, climbing, mountain adventures, and thinking. Sometimes she likes to try and do all of those things at the same time. She can show you the scars.
227893_7512387025_5024_n Alexander is a child of the Mississippi. He is fascinated by the interplay between the sky, earth, mortals, and deities. He is currently working on his thesis on the relationship between grief and Christianity. He has been trained as a cook, a director of plays, lover of adventure, and dreams of one day becoming an auteur of action films that contain lots of explosions.
ryan Ryan, like Hunter S. Thompson and Artimus Pyle before him, was born in Louisville, Kentucky. Currently, he plans on riding his own melt into the sunset, drinking English ales and listening to early Tom Petty.
Barney lives with his wife Silvianne in Cambridge, where he is writing a PhD thesis on Paul Ricoeur. He also loves Doctor Who, hiking, coffee, and late night conversation with a glass of good whisky.