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A collaborative theological blog by a group of former students of Regent College.

We have at least two things in common:

  • We think theology and philosophy matter.
  • We think the Church matters.

So we want to put the latter into dialogue with the former.

On this blog you will find posts covering many disciplines, but all related to theology. This is a free space for exploring ideas. We do not tow any party line; nor do we all necessarily agree with what each other writes. But we respect each other’s – and your – opinions, and are keen to listen to them.

Why the Name?

Our inspiration was the philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer, who developed the concept of a horizon as the limits of understanding that every individual has because of their life situation.

Every finite present has its limitations. We define the concept of “situation” by saying that it represents a standpoint that limits the possibility of vision. Hence essential part of the concept of situation is the concept of “horizon.” The horizon is the range of vision that includes everything that can be seen from a particular vantage point… A person who has no horizon is someone who does not see far enough and hence overvalues what is nearest to them. On the other hand, “to have a horizon” means not being limited to what is nearby, but to being able to see beyond it.

Everyone has a different horizon, and everyone’s horizon is limited. We need each other, not just to correct mistakes in our thinking, but to broaden our experience and understanding beyond what we can see alone. There will never be an end to dialogue and conversation, because we will always be able to learn new things from one another that shape our horizon.

What this means is we do not all agree with each other. Sometimes we may find what another contributor has written to be helpful, but other times we will push back. But in recalling that our goal is to be in dialogue and learn from each other despite what we may disagree on, the conversations can still be fruitful.

Interested? Drop us a comment and join the conversation!